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Think before you shoot!

How SMART goals can save a campaign from the edge

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How long is the ideal company video?

Discussing how long your video should be

Big Head Content was born out of a frustrated desire to not simply make amazingly creative video content but to design campaigns that are driven to align with company goals. As a strategy first video production agency, we know that brands are not getting the results they should from video marketing. This is despite the countless reports, stats, and studies showing the power and effectiveness of using video in today’s online marketplace. 

Companies have become accustomed to video being measured in basic metrics such as views, likes, and clicks on the play button. Little value is placed on true engagement, where quality really does beat quantity.

 No longer is it enough to place your video on YouTube and hope for the best, no longer is it acceptable to simply list a set of keywords and expect google to find you. The algorithms have got smarter and so must brands.

By simply asking a production company to make a film with little to no goals attached inevitably leads to mundane work and lackluster results. Big Head Content prides itself on creating amazing video content that delivers real ROI.

A video marketing campaign must attract the customer, driving them towards you. It should engage them, demonstrating why your product or service is the best answer to their problem. Before eventually delighting them to the point that they become a true brand advocate, telling others how your product could help them.

BUT for this to happen, outdated video norms need to be re-evaluated, success needs to be measured by goals and eventually results that truly deliver. Customers need to connect to an honest voice, advising them on their buyers' journey before purchasing.

Big Head Content proves that by planning video strategically, you can make people think differently.

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